The Crypto Endgame: Where does the money go?

The engame of Bitcoin and crypto investing

Gold vs. Bitcoin, real vs. digital. That’s the question. Right? When we talk about cryptocurrencies, we think of them as a vehicle to store our wealth (if existent).

The mantra in the crypto world is simple and to the point: Don’t sell, hold. Diamond hands. Crashes are just short term dips and crypto dominance is inevitable.

So if you are smart, your endgame is a hardware wallet. Am I right? The other choice you’d have is to deposit some bars of gold in a bank. And come on, that would be ridiculously old fashioned.

If you see the world in such a simplified way, you have been played already. So let’s take a moment to get to the bottom of what the real crypto endgame is.

Important: This article is not financial advice and I am not a financial advisor. I’m just sharing subjective opinions. And that’s it.

What Do You Need?

If I’d ask you what exactly you need for a successful life, you could come up with things like money, power and influence. I’d tell you that I consider you a bit of a sociopath but that’s ok. We all have our issues.

If you are more grounded in your outlook on life, you will cite necessities like water, food, shelter, health and happiness. In this case I’d congratulate you on being a functioning human being

If we can agree that the objective of living is surviving, providing and experiencing, we also can agree on the aforementioned necessities that are the cornerstones of success for a living being on this planet.

Of course I will admit that a person’s money, power and influence could rob you of your water, food, shelter, health and happiness. But that’s a topic for another post.

For now let’s concentrate on what you need and what cryptocurrencies have to do with it.

The 3 Levels Of Money

Your parents may have told you that money doesn’t grow on trees. Of course they were right. As adults we now know that money can be printed by central banks without any limits.

Unfortunately, we as individuals don’t have that luxury. To ensure the availability of the necessities we need, we have to understand the 3 levels of money.

Level 1: Earnings

We need to work at a job or we need to build a business to earn money.

Level 2: Investing for profits

We need to invest part of our earnings to increase our income. Most people who understand money, invest in their own education, their own business, stocks, real estate or the crypto market.

Level 3: Investing for wealth preservation

To counter inflation and to secure their gains, successful people invest for wealth preservation. Gold comes to mind as well as Bitcoin. That’s the endgame if you are short sighted.

The real crypto endgame is something else entirely.

What We Play For

For me, level 3 of the money game is just an other intermediate step to the top. What I am after, are real assets:

My personal endgame is land. Greenhouses and gardens. My own water supply including collecting and cleaning rain water. A small energy efficient house. Solar and wind energy to power my homestead.

And last but not least, the community, knowledge, materials and tools to maintain this self reliant settlement for generations to come.

The true crypto endgame is to provide the means necessary to ensure the availability of water, food, shelter, health and happiness.

No amount of market manipulation, FUD or regulation attempts by governments can derail your for good, if you know what you are playing for.

Define your own endgame and take your profits accordingly or the hungry whales of the crypto market will swallow you whole.

I am a composer, NFT artist & crypto enthusiast